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Serving authentic Thai cuisine in Springfield.


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They have consistently given me both the best service and food quality every time I've ordered from here. Their drunken noodle is phenomenal and doesn't have that weird eggy taste that some Thai places add to their dishes. I always order mine with veggies and steak (not an option on their menu by the way!) by including it in the extra directions and ask for a side of rice. They are really excellent with giving me my weird order without a blink. I've also ordered their mixed veggies before and though the portion ends up being smaller than that of a Chinese food place and extra saucey, the taste is incredible.

If you want legitimate SPICY-as-hell-Thai spiciness for your dish, I recommend enforcing it in the extra directions thing because I think they kind of tone it down a little otherwise. All in all, a very, very, VERY good place to get your Thai food


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Been a patron for many years, had some of my best meals here and some ok ones too - they're not that consistent but it's never bad, and I never regret going - just sometimes they wow me and other times it's "just good" - I'll keep coming back.


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Authentic Thai, satisfied me and I am extremely selective about where I get my thai fix from, since my first ever taste of Thai was from one of the best Thai restaurants in the DMV.


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So tasty! Arrived quickly and with delicious sauces to go with it. Consistent quality and flavor which has been tough to find elsewhere. Will continue to order from Thai Cafed


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Meatiest and freshest calamari with the best coating that I have ever eaten, and I enjoyed my first calamari on a Greek island. Delicious -- and I wouldn't share! : )

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This is my fav Thai restaurant. Delivery was a bit slow and the food wasn't as hot as other places (maybe multiple stops and I was last?) but I eat at the restaurant regularly with fabulous food!

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